Floating bathing suit?

I want to design one. The community pools in all the developments I’ve been looking into recently have, for some odd reason, all got prominently posted “NO FLOATS” which I find disappointing because there’s nothing I like more than lying back on a float, closing my eyes, and soaking up a few rays while being partly immersed in a swimming pool. But this is seemingly not to be, so I’m trying to find a way to make my bathing suit buoyant.

I’ve actually done something like this before, though it looked a little dorky. (OK, a LOT dorky.) I jammed into the waistband of my loose swimming trunks two rather long “noodles” which ran parallel to my body, roughly from my knees to my heads, and that was ok, but I’m thinking that “noodles” would qualify as “floats” and therefore be verboten. But maybe I could have the noodles cut up and sewn into the suit itself, or maybe put into the pockets. Or other buoyant material (styrofoam?) could be inserted into the suit itself? I’ve also been thinking that maybe I’d need some sort of buoyant cap, to support my head? I’ve seen styrofoam biking helmets. Any ideas for either of these designs? Materials? Pre-existing inserts? I don’t care how dorky I look (obviously), as long as I can argue that this is NOT a float, but rather a part of my swimming attire.

They already make them for kids (like this); don’t know if I’ve seen an adult version. Never seen anything for the head though.

One effect of wetsuits is that they provide some buoyancy because they are generally made of low density neoprene. You could buy a really think used wetsuit and trim it so that it is shaped more like a regular bathing suit. They even sell hoods that could be used as is or trimmed into a cap shape.


When I wear a bathing cap my head is pretty boyant. Might be different for someone without massve amounts of dry hair underneath the cap, though. But when I go for the backstroke my head definitely floats.

Barefoot suits have flotation built in. Enough to hold a 180 lb me above water. Here’s a pic of my son in one, here’s a pic of one out of the water. They aren’t as tight-fitting as a wetsuit, so you won’t be quite as warm (if that matters). We have (had) sizes for everyone and used them to just float around beside the boat, like life-jackets.

I don’t know if this will do what you need, but used ones are probably available on Craigslist.

Ewww. You don’t want your boys down there, do ya? :smiley:

One risk you run is that you’ll make your lower half more buoyant than your upper half, and that your head will tend to rest underwater.

What about cutting a noodle into rings and threading them on a belt?

Glue styrofoam packing peanuts to a body stocking, then put a wetsuit over it so they won’t fall off and clog the drain. For your head, use one of those styrofoam cheesehead things Green Bay fans wear!

Maybe I’m the first to think of this, but perhaps the reason why “NO FLOATS” is posted is because they don’t want people lounging around in the middle of the pool getting in the way of swimmers?

Then they’re gonna have to change their signs for me, aren’t they? (And I’ll put my gum where I goddamn please.)