Floats - a game

A fun game - at least until I hit three colors. Then it becomes an impossible game for me. But I’m sure I’ll soon be hearing how five year olds routinely clear sixteen different colors in under ten seconds.

I couldn’t even get to two…

Ah, one of my very favorite games! I’ve never gotten near the high scores, but I always have fun trying.

I’ve gotten near the high scores. If you define “near” as “within a similar order of magnitude”.

Bauns is another good game from the same site.

So when do you finally hit three colors?

Duh, as soon as I said that, I just did. Level four.

Somehow, I think three colors might be easier at first.

Pardon my awful board netiquette with this three times in a row response…

There’s only five levels available on Floats, and it only goes up to three colors, then it says you’ve won the game. So alas, no five year olds will get sixteen colors.

Woohoo! Finished all levels. (Didn’t get a high score, though)

Yeah…I beat the game on my second try but I didn’t come close to a high score.

Most Orisinal games I don’t like, but this one is fun while it lasts.

fun but way too short.

I’ve gotten through all the levels on “Floats”, but I must say, I like “Cranky Crabs” better. That damn piano music gets annoying after awhile. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Three Monkeys is easily my favorite ever.

I’m now managing to finish about one time out of three. I’ve never got past 8000 in a score though.

Here’s a similar game where you loop butterflies to catch them: http://www.shockwave.com/sw/content/loop

There is an interesting, slightly surreal quality to the dream (bonus) rounds.

I just scored a personal best - 8529

zylom.com my friends. Caramba kept me staring at the screen for a few hours…

Wow this guy sure has made a lot of games! (main game page here for easier access)

I haven’t tried them all yet, but “Floats” is still my favorite so far.

I also like “High Delivery” (1st row) and “Cats” (2nd row).
“These Little Pigs” (3rd row) is so cute I couldn’t play it properly.

Boy I hope the linking worked… crosses fingers