florecent urine

I’ve noticed that when I take 2 multi-vitamins instead of one, along with 2 calcium pills, I have bright yellow piss that night. One multi and 2 calcium equals normal piss. However, today I took 1 multi, 2 calcium and 1 garlic pill and I’m back to the bright stuff. Is this unhealthy?

I think it’s just your body getting rid of the excess vitamins…

don’t quote me though.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2)

Most vitamins are excreted if there is too much. The only time to worry is if urine color is odd all the time. But watch out, there are some vitamins that can be toxic if you take too much.

As for being truly flourescent, I remember hearing that urine is flourescent under Ultra Violet light. No idea why though.

Yes it is. As a landlord and dog owner I have often used black lights to identify pet accidents. I assume human urine would glow also, but my tenents tend to be above pissing on the carpet.