"Florida gun-maker designs 'ISIS-proof' assault rifle"

wait - isn;t Psalms part of the bible they do believe?

As noted above, Muslims accept the whole of the Bible. Its the Jews that only read the old testament.

They don’t really intend ISIS members to read it: they are aiming at English-speaking customers in the US who are likely to buy the guns.

(And those customers would not be able to read Arabic.)

Nice turn of phrase.

Do those guns have safeties? cause i assumed “peace” was “safety on”.

For the targeted customer base, reading English is questionable.

Yes, I assume that too. But then if “war” is fire, what is “God wills it,” the same but in Latin?

It’s a gimmick that will do exactly what it’s intended to do – sell guns and offend people.

WTF? Didn’t any of you look at the cite in the OP?

“Peace” was safety on
“War” was safety off , semi-auto
“God wills it” safety off, full auto.

Which means it’s no good for the civilian market in the USA as one cannot register a post-1986 machine gun here.

But it’s being sold.

I call bullshit on it being true full auto. No dealer would last 3 seconds selling post-1986 machine guns to civilians. And especially @ that price. (Try buying a pre-'86 for under 20K)

No way that thing is true full auto. It’s either using a Hellfire or Tac-Con 3MR trigger system (neither which is true full auto) or that selector switch is the lock for a bump fire stock.

If that was a true, full auto selector switch the ATF would be on it like stink on shit.