"Florida gun-maker designs 'ISIS-proof' assault rifle"

OK, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that ISIS terrorists got a box of these guns, and would indeed care that a Bible verse is on the gun.

So why wouldn’t they just paint over it?

What… it isn’t pork fat lubed?

America sucks these days. Where is the really out of the box thinking?

Some muslim groups have objected? Some people really don’t know when to be quite do they?

But is ISIL proof? Hamas proof? Random asshole muslim “young couple” in California proof?

I got lots of contingencies here dude.

ISIS-proof, idiot-ready!

According to theory espoused by the designer, lightning would strike them down. In the reality that the rest of us live in, the terrorists would say “Wow, nice gun!” and do exactly what you suggested. Assuming that they could actually read English.

Because members of ISIS are vampires, apparently. So many cans of get-over-yourself to dole out…

(also, for the sake of theological accuracy : Islam recognizes the Bible, Jesus bits included, as accurate and sacred. Islam also recognizes Jesus as a prophet of Allah, to say nothing of the earlier parts. So fuck you twice you ignant sonzabitches. There is not one thing that would make a Muslim touching these guns vanish in a puff of Sharia.)

Ok, now I want a shotgun with “Blessed are the cheesemakers” inscribed on it.

The only thing separating this from some woman’s craft Pinterest hobby is that they’re firearms.

If gun nuts wanna pay a markup for pretty artwork, that’s no business of mine.

It would have been better to inscribe the guns with the follows.

“Dear God, if I die holding this rifle, please make all my virgins morbidly obese and incontinent.”

I want one with a picture of Sandy Duncan saying “you’ll shoot your eye out.”

"The firearm boasts three settings – ‘peace,’ ‘war’ and ‘God wills it’ "
So one setting does fuck-all? I guarantee it’s not for automatic, so is this like painting a racing stripe on a Ford Fiesta?

To be fair, I don’t think you should expect a nuanced reading of the Koran from ISIS. I mean we have non-explody people from various religions who are very good at reading every other line when they suit their purposes.

Just as life is an argument over whose god is the true one, so shall the afterlife be full of arguments over whether Kirk is better than Picard.

Um… Didn’t they just steal this idea from Trijicon?

Not really. One is standard “coded” witnessing in the same vein as In-N-Out Burger, pretty unobtrusive. The other is intentionally being provocative/bellicose. Trijicon was more of a controversy because the military bought their products.

They’re really over-thinking this. If they want to inscribe it with a Bible verse that will keep ISIS from using it, they should just use “Thou shalt not kill.”

That oughta do it.

Not half! The headlines just write themselves.

You’re watching FOX News, tonight’s main story: Florida Gunsmith Sells Terrorist-Proof Rifle. Muslim Groups Object.

They really didn’t think this one through, did they?

They can’t, their fingers will catch on fire when they touch it.

If these guys were really hip they would have inscribed it with the text from “Ezekiel 25:17”.

So let’s inscribe all guns intended for private sale too. “Penis substitute,” should fit; " I say I bought this to protect my family but don’t replace batteries in my smoke detectors," and “good guy with gun/bereaved father of inquisitive toddler” probably too long.

I can only assume they were inspired by Trump’s proposal to weed out Muslims at airports.

Did they inscribe it in English, or did they inscribe it in a language ISIS members are likely to be able to read?

You can remove serial numbers from a gun. How hard would it be to remove an inscription?