Florida Man charged with stealing Speaker's podium

Don’t know if it’s been posted here before: Desk Man was armed with a stun gun when he was in Pelosi’s office. Also, he waived his Miranda rights when he was interviewed.

One defendant, who was among those earlier indicted, Jessica Watkins, wrote in the weeks before Jan. 6 that if Mr. Biden became president, “our way of life as we know it is over,” the indictment said.

Ms. Watkins, 38, who served as an infantryman in the U.S. Army from 2001-2003 under her previous name, Jeremy David Watkins, was deployed to Afghanistan, and received an “other than honorable discharge” after “the Army determined that my presenting as a female was unacceptable for a soldier,”

Okay, a trans Trumpist military veteran.

I think I’m going to slot this person in next to the Mongolian Neo-Nazis in my mental filing cabinet. This world really never ceases to be an interesting place.

Indeed it is!

Ex-Marine, ex-cop charged with participating in the Capitol riot and attacking a police officer with a pipe: