Florida Man charged with stealing Speaker's podium

Thought it might be useful to have a thread to track the steady grinding of the wheels of the law following the insurrection at the Capitol:

And then there’s Desk Man, who has got the US Postal Police on his tail, for stealing mail from the Speaker’s office:

And there’s the West Virginia Legislator, who was charged after posting video of himself in the riots, and who has apparently resigned his position:

And Horny Fur Man has been arrested:

These are the easy, stupid, ones of course; the ones who don’t realise that it’s really not a good idea to post selfies of themselves rioting in the Capitol.

More will no doubt follow, but this is a good start.

But none will be charged with interfering with the government, no sedition or ill intent. It looks like illegal entry is the worst they might get. Pay the fine on the way out, nothing to see here.

If this WAS an attack on your democracy, the big deal you say it is, then why are they being charged like they broke into your shed?

Holding charges. These are easily provable and get the assholes into custody. Once there they can be charged with the works. But after Jan. 20.

As someone commented in another thread, you go for the low-hanging fruit first. Offences like sedition take time and effort to prove, because you have to have evidence of intent.

Trespass and property offences are the easy one. Start there, and see if Florida Man and Desk Man just might want to sing a bit, because they’re facing a year or two of federal time, until you can go up the next level.

With that evidence from Florida Man and Desk Man, arrest the next level up on more serious charges. Rinse and repeat, see if the next level up might be chatty when facing a couple of decades of federal time.

ETA: what silenus said.

The House of America is badly infected with mold, and applying fresh paint over the top of it will only make it worse.

Thirteen have been charged in the DC Federal Court, and another forty have been charged in DC Superior Court. I assume that the Federal Court charges are the more serious ones, more closely linked to the Capitol?


Not sure I’d quite put it that way but whoever brought pipe bombs is probably a bigger concern. While they were stupid, but you really think a 40 something old George Washington wouldn’t have livestreamed some of is antics?

So the first question that pops into my head is - could Trump include these MAGAt morons on his pardon list, on his way out the door?

Oh, I certainly hope so!

I posted the following in another thread. Fits better here:

Florida Man strikes again. Worst superhero ever.

I expect that the next time Trumpers attack (just ten days from now,) they’ll all have learned their lesson and will wear masks and sunglasses.

But then what would be the point of selfies with the cops?!

The guy who stole Pelosi’s podium was just taking a political stand.

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:notes: Here I come, to screw the day! :notes:

:rolls up newspaper:
Hold still, you.

Puns like this could go on for dais.

He was at a crossroads of his life then he took a hard lec tern.

In this thread, there may be an understandable tendency to focus merely on the actions themselves, awful as some of them were.

Since the actions themselves are so horrendous— people dying, the Capitol vandalized — many of us are (understandably) losing sight of the stated PURPOSE behind this insurrection.

It was to PREVENT THE RESULTS OF AN ELECTION. It was SPECIFICALLY to end American democracy.

All these people must be punished MUCH more severely than if the were, say, taking over some business offices … or even if they were taking over the Capitol for some less awful reason (the lulz?).

I don’t think so, no. He would soon become a military general in the revolution. He’d know better than to paint such a target on himself and others before they had sufficiently high numbers to be able to fight the British off.

I generally think these people were too deluded in thinking that tons of people supported them when they didn’t, and lacked the ability to consider the consequences.

Washington understood guerilla warfare much better than these guys.