Rioter, thanks for getting that tattoo

So they used the video of the guy starting the dumpster on fire outside of the police station to identify the accused arsonist.
The women who allegedly started two squad cars on fire had a unique etsy shirt on when she was recorded.
Thanks people, for helping get federal charges filed.

Any links to the stories?

They do sound like thoughtfully stupid criminals.

Good. Take out the fucking troublemakers who don’t know how (or don’t intend) to protest peacefully.

I, for one, am enthusiastically hoping for a special of America’s Dumbest Criminals featuring all of those traitors who attacked Congress. If the series hadn’t ended, that special would have to be the finale because no criminal is dumber than they are.

This thread reminds me to dig through my old miscellaneous newsfeeds from 7-8 months ago to launch a bunch of new threads with vague, cryptic initial posts to make people guess what I 'm talking about. Bravo.

You would be astonished. I once saw a prisoner with a life-sized scorpion tattooed on his face and I was thinking “Once you decided to become a criminal, you were always one line-up away from going to prison.”

One of the Republican insurrectionists wore a jacket with his company’s name and phone number on the back.

Right? If you wanna pull a Mrmrmrmr, here’s a handy resource.

It’s like people forget they’re wearing jackets advertising their company, or forget they have tattoos. They’ll cover their face but not a unique tattoo gallery crawling up one of their arms.

The thing is, I suspect most of the Jan 6 crowd are amateurs when it comes to law-breaking so they don’t think of such things.

I think it is because the January 6 crowd are used to the state committing their acts of terrorism for them and also of never being held accountable.

mrmrmrmrmr for reasons of their own is fucking with y’all. He’s not doing anything from the news from the last six months.

Being able to ID a bad guy by a tattoo, although old ass news, is almost up there with being able to ID a bad guy by his shaman outfit. Conservatives these days… I mean, really, conservative shaman. There goes the neighborhood

Yeah, some of these Republican terrorists actually filmed themselves and posted it and one guy was wearing his work ID around his neck

That wasn’t really necessary this time, given the OP. (Guessing)

No, they didn’t think of covering it up because they thought that they were Big Damn Heroes 1776ing.

Right, they were out and proud, happy to be showing their faces, names and work badges.

OK - the “I want credit for being part of history!” crowd.

The catch being that such credit has different consequences depending on which side you’re on.

My apologies for the stale offering of yesterday.
Rest assured my next serving will use only the freshest possible base, whipped into a light mousse, gently kissed with mockery, and glazed with a sarcasm reduction.