You recognize someone in insurrection pics. Do you ID them?

I was looking at pictures posted of insurrectionists who, if identified, could face prosecution. I didn’t recognize anyone, but it got me thinking about what I’d do if I did recognize a neighbor.

I generally avoid any interaction with law enforcement, as I often disagree with their response. But in this situation, yeah, I’d drop the dime. I can deal with the stitches.

Anyone else?

YES! In a heartbeat! As an employer, I would also immediately terminate them. As a friend, I would immediately be a friend no longer.

I have this thing about treason. Maybe I’m being unreasonable and it’s just me.

In a New York minute.

Without hesitation.

How would anyone not? Dime, dox, denounce.

I report my suspicions.

They are criminals who participated in an insurrection against our democracy that resulted in deaths, hell yes I’d report them. Anyone who entered the Capitol building that day is complicit in an act sedition.

If they’re part of the group that broke into the building and I was sure of their identity, then yes I would report them to the authorities. I wouldn’t publicly dox them unless there was some particularly compelling reason to do so ( I can’t imagine what); getting them arrested would be sufficient.

So fast it would make gods blink.

I would not dox someone off a photo - bearded overweight white guys between 25 - 40 kind of look alike. But I would certainly report suspicions to authorities and shun anyone I knew and fire anyone who I knew participated.

Apparently this is already happening. The happy vandals came home to find they had been fired while they were gone. A grocery store owner found his store being boycotted. Go figure, huh? They were saving America!


I can’t imagine knowing anyone who would do something like that, but I believe that if I spotted someone I recognized in the photos from Wednesday, yes, I’d alert the authorities to investigate.

I feel the same way about rioters who took advantage of the BLM protests last year to loot and destroy property (although I don’t know anyone who would do that either).

In a heartbeat, ESPECIALLY if it was one of my Cult45 brothers-in-law.

I would not.

Sure would. Wouldn’t even be a question about it.

I’m sorry, are you saying that if you were able to positively identify a criminal element of a mob who vandalized the US Capitol and killed a policeman, you would not ID them to the authorities?

What’s the thought process/value judgment there?

I can’t imagine anyone NOT reporting someone they recognize actually engaged in criminal activity. Furthermore, I would think failure to report would technically make that person guilty of being an accessory to the crime.

In a heartbeat. And I wouldn’t be satisfied until they spent years in prison.

ID them, give their info to the Feds, swear out a statement, whatever is necessary to have them spend the next 20 years in the crowbar hotel.