Florida Train Crash

From a BBC News article:

Damn. I love travelling by train, but this sort of thing makes me nervous.

I wonder where it was, exactly?

How awful. What a terrible news day this has been–first the plane in Milan, and now this.

Makes my already bad and depressed mood even worse. :frowning:

Ah. Crescent City, south of Jax: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&ncid=578&e=1&cid=578&u=/nm/20020418/ts_nm/crash_amtrak_dc_2

Creepy - my husband was in Sanford today and he saw this train being loaded…

Just saw it on local news - 6 confirmed dead, 20 critical injuries, the video was scary - cars all over the place. very sad…