Florida woman goes ape on camera

Viral Video Shows Racist White Woman Going Berserk After Mistaking Two Brazilians for Terrorists

The woman is clearly mentally unstable. A couple of Brazilians are shooting a video comedy sketch for their YouTube channel when a woman pulls up and accuses them of being Middle Eastern terrorists and calling them pedophiles and homosexuals and so on. When they tell her they’re not Middle Eastern and are, in fact, Brazilian, she tells them that they are Middle Eastern. The guys pretty much just laugh her off, and they post the video. What do you think?

  1. They should not have posted the video, because it brings ridicule upon someone who is mentally ill.

  2. They should have posted the video, because it is an example of how severe the brainwashing of some Americans has gone. (On their Facebook page, people say they have encountered other people like the one in the video.)

  3. The video is actually the comedy sketch the Brazilians were filming. (The videomaker does not say this, and indicates that this is something that actually happened.)

The last line in your link, “Welcome to Florida in 2015, the most insane state in the nation,” pretty much sums it all up.

Since the OP is looking for opinions, let’s move this over to IMHO.

Look at a map of South America. Brazil is on the eastern part of the continent, in the middle. Q.E.D.

I didn’t know one could get handicap plates for being mentally handicapped.

Without further information I’d consider option 3 to be fairly likely. Or option 4, she’s just acting like that because it’s being recorded. I don’t get the impression that she’s actually insane and/or believes any of the things she’s saying.

I think someone wants to be the new Melissa McCarthy. No, that is not a fat joke; she sounds a bit like her when she’s doing a character. I hope this turns out to be #3 because I love me some MM.

Why would you think she’s mentally unstable when virulently racist is more plausible?
She attacked them unprovoked. She should not get a pass because she’s been brainwashed. She was in public, approached people with cameras she had no expectation of privacy. I say I’m glad they posted it. A taste of her own medicine is good for her.

I first came across this video on LiveLeak, which is sort of like YouTube’s R-rated cousin. What I found amusing was all the comments there criticizing the crazy American woman, and yet at the same time LiveLeak is flooded with videos of crimes, lawlessness and horrific mob violence committed in Brazil (and comments severely disparaging their culture as such). Gotta love the internet…

She makes it sound like sucking dick is a bad thing. :confused:

Why is that amusing?

Because, even more so than on YouTube, the comments section for every video on LiveLeak immediately devolves into really racist vitriol. I find it funny that the clowns that write that stuff are defending Brazilian immigrants in that one video, while the vast majority of the time they’re calling them sub-human animals in literally hundreds of others…

And we all know where you stand on racism.:rolleyes:

How do you know that it’s the same exact people?

Of course you can!

#2(They should have posted the video, because it is an example of how severe the brainwashing of some Americans has gone.)

It is healthy to correct people when they are wrong or have misinformation. So good to show the truth and how wrong and misinformed some people can be.

(I always do that when I hear someone babble some story which is totally incorrect. I say “Where did you hear that? Who told you that?” Then tell them the correct information and suggest they not listen to that source again.)

My wife and I were thinking about going to Florida this spring. I have changed my mind, I don’t want to be near anyone like that.

I’ve never heard the term ‘middle easterns’ before.

Anyone know if her sister came to London in 1998 and got drunk on a Saturday might in Brixton?

I don’t, of course. But the Liveleak comments section does not even remotely resemble a ‘discussion board’, even one several notches less than the SDMB. It’s little more than a place where people get to vent and write politically incorrect jokes. What I find amusing is they just always criticize ‘the villain’ in every video, with absolutely no recurring logic between posts. It’s just a childish free-for-all.

I’m not implying that that woman isn’t a total idiot in that particular video.

With all the fighting in the middle east I’m not surprised Americans and people are scared. Some people may even be scared to leave their home and go to store or walk around block.

With all the fighting no one knows when Iran or one of the middle east countries will use nukes and end all life on earth.

With ongoing ongoing terrorist attacks people wonder how safe they are. And people start to see terrorist every where when fear takes hold.