Florida's Adoption Law

Is it true that Florida has a law that requires a birth mother who wants to give her baby up for adoption to take an add in the newspaper listing the name of every man she has had sex with?

Please tell me I heard wrong.

If she doesn’t know who the father is, yes. I believe that is the case.

You’ve probably heard of the recent case where a couple wants to adopt a child, and the mother (who was 13 at the time and living in NY in a small town) is balking at having to list her lovers.

Florida, I believe, is the only state that requires such a public airing of the laundry. Other states do it confidentially.

I believe it requires her to supply the name of the father. Failing that the names of the possible fathers. Failing that to make an anouncement so the father may be found. Sounds reasonable to me. It is already being discussed in this thread

Really? I am trying to understand why it would be reasonable to publish this information for all the world to see. It sounds like a huge violation of privacy and only adds to the already difficult decision a woman makes when giving her child up for adoption.

I’ll check out the other thread.

The FL law has required an exhaustive search for the father. Previously, this has been interpreted as the mother placing HER name in the paper. A politician (as I use even that term loosely) state Sen. Walter ‘‘Skip’’ Campbell, D-Tamarac, sponsored the bill which according to the Miami Herald, said

Not every man she has had sex with, just the likely candidates for Poppa. If she has the name, they can likely be contacted through more discreet means. This is kinda the last ditch effort.

Peter Blanc, a judge recently ruled that is unconstitutional. And yes, it is abhorrent. It is also under attack and revision.