Floridians...vote for our state quarter!!

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I like the St. Augustine one with the dolphin, but the Gateway to Discovery, with the shuttle and the Spanish galleon, is in the lead.

<Insert 1,296 jokes about Florida and voting here.>

I don’t particularly like any of them. The funny thing to me - when you say “Florida” to most people, they think Orlando and Disney, yet that isn’t represented on any of the designs.

Doesn’t matter to me anyway - they all spend the same.

As a non-Floridian, I can’t vote… but all except the fishing design are actually very good.

My favorite is the one juxtaposing the shuttle and the galleon (high tech future and dramatic past), but the Everglades scene is very nice, and the St. Augustine scene is quite appropriate (it being the oldest city in what’s now the U.S.).

Just as long as it’s not that marlin- that’s way too much like a cheesey postcard.

I voted for the first one, the one woth the space shuttle over Florida.

I like the three middle ones, not so wild about the first and the last one.

But if it were a true Florida quarter it would have overly buxom women with bikinis and some cheesy slogan, just like the myriad bad postcards one finds along the beach.

Or maybe some really old people driving 35 mph in the left hand lane of the highway.

Or some palmetto bugs.

Or an alligator eating someone’s shih tzu.

All much more dramatic.

I like the space shuttle / galleon combination. Not a Floridian, so I can’t vote but I wonder how many will vote for Pat Buchanan by mistake.

Actually, when I think of Florida, I think of oranges, which is also not represented.

Oh well, I really like the Everglades one, but I’m not allowed to vote. :wink:

I’m a native, but haven’t lived there in 20 years. I like the Everglades one and the St. Augustine one. But I guess with recent events the Shuttle will get a boost.

Legomancer, you beat me to it. :mad: :smiley:

Admit it, Americans - you’re just ripping off the € big time here.

I voted for the Everglades one. When I think of Florida, I think of the swamps and aminals and the nature-y part: The Real Florida[sup]tm[/sup]. Being allergic to The Mouse and all…

Although I do like the idea of a gator eating some Country Club member’s poodle…

Skink for governor!

Has anyone voted for the dimpled Chad yet? :smiley:

1,296 jokes about Florida and voting? I can only come up with 1,293, can someone please tell me the last 3?

I don’t like the space shuttle one (really, what’s so special about being the place from which shuttles take off?) or the fishing one. I very much like the Everglades and the St. Augustine designs. I voted for the latter.

I love Herons, so I voted for the Everglades. But, that reminds me of the big blue heron and the baby ducks story. Ew. Nature can be cruel.

I figure one of the designs with the shuttle will win, which is fine also.

Here’s a hint: the last three all end in -gry!

There was a .jpg going around these parts of a quarter bearing the sleazily grinning visage of Jeb Bush giving a thumbs-up, and the motto “Closed the State Library / Saved you a Quarter”.

What, no “America’s Wang” option?

This would go nicely with todays news that Jebediah is lobbying the State Legislature to repeal the two recent amendments, capping school class size and building high-speed rail. I can see what the rail plan might be overly ambitious or perhaps impractical in Florida, but they’ve really got to stop screwing the kids of the state. It’s the main reason that I’m not keen to move back to Florida anytime soon.

Can they add a state motto to the quarter?

“We ain’t no dumber than Texas!”