(Flower) gardeners: How's it looking this year?

My lavender, which has been in the same spot for ten years, kinda hanging in there, never doing that well, is doing absolutely great this year. Lots of new growth, lots of bloom, very fragrant.

I’m in year three of getting foxgloves in the same area, so I think the self-seeding thing is finally taking hold. Yay! I love foxgloves.

Some centaurea montana that I planted in an area that used to be a sunny bed actually bloomed – sparsely – this year; I’d totally forgotten it was there. I moved it to a sunnier spot; let’s hope it decides it likes its new home.

I’ve got some tradescantia volunteering around a birdbath, right at the front of the bed – I don’t mind it at the back of a bed, but this is crowding out some hostas and astilbe, I think I’ll take it out.

I think I’m going to take down the wisteria. It’s huge – so huge that I spend the entire summer cutting it back, cutting it back, cutting it back – which means that the bloom isn’t particularly profuse. Plus it’s not doing good things for the gutters on the porch. That’s a huge project, so I’ve been meditating on it for the last month or so – but I have yet to think “nah, I should leave it” (just “nah, that’s gonna be a total PITA, maybe I’ll do it next weekend”).

The guy who cuts my hair gave me a wonderful assortment of hostas last year; they’re looking good. He also gave me some lychnis, which I hadn’t been familiar with; I should move it back towards the middle of the bed, but I’m liking the gangly stems on this. Plus, silver foliage is always welcome.

How’s your garden looking?

The clematis are doing surprisingly well this year. After producing one or two blooms and giving up in years past, this year I got a profusion. Everything else is so-so. Largely because the local woodchuck has apparently been browsing on my seedlings. I believe I will have to take stern measures against it this weekend.

Our ragosa (wild Sitka rose) bush, after languishing for many years is covered with flowers this year. Nice, smelly yellow ones. And the peonies are going to be terrific, as well. The damned moose chomped the weeping birch just like it did last fall, so it’s having a hard time getting going. We planted more wild geraniums in the back yard and they’re doing well, also.

My dephinium bed is crap for the first time in 11 years. April was cold and rainy, and a lot rotted. Most seedlings rotted away too. Lettuce and radishes didn’t sprout until the end of May.

Now for the good news. Half of the iris in the replanted beds bloomed gorgiously. The tiger lilies will be blooming in July. The daffidils grew good this spring so about 50 bloomed, next year I would estimate a couple hundred will be blooming. My hollyhock is blooming now and 4 main stalks, the tallest is almost 8 feet tall, and the plant is about 4 feet accross. The main stalks are covered in secondary flower shoots. I hope to have the delphiniums restablished this year. My chive bed finished blooming weeks ago. The marigolds, cosmos, border dahlias, and zinnias have started to bloom. The tuberous begonias are a solid riing of flowers around the apple tree, and couldn’t be doing better. The new flower boxes I put up are doing great with gerber daisies, vinca and geraniums. The 15 pots of geranium are solid with 6 to 8 inch blooms.

The Heliconia plants inside my greenhouse are doing great.

Whoa, very :cool: !

Yes nice flowers. I always wanted a greenhouse, now I’ll settle for moving south.

Wow, Mangosteen those look amazing! I’m jealous.

I’m doing a lot of moving around and renovation, so I have a lot of plants that aren’t established yet. I’m also in the midst of greatly enlarging the beds under the crabapples in front of my house. I’ve got lots more containers than usual; I can move them around as I need to. Finally found the pavers I want to use to edge beds with.

My lilacs did very nicely as well. I have an early one and a very late one. I want to get some to fill in in the middle. Tree peonies were their usual spectacular selves.

Here are a few pics of peonies, later lilac and containers.


The climbing roses we planted (last year and this) are going absolutely NUTS, both in terms of overall growth and the amount of blooms. Even the last to be planted with ‘twigs’ barely longer than about 8" to 10" had three blooms on it earlier this year. I hate to prune some of these so soon, but I’m going to have to before they take over everything! :eek:

The one climber that last year put out one branch (is that the right term?) that reached to the second story now has four more, all of which reach the second story. Now we’re trying to figure out the best way to arrange them on the house. (I’m thinking since it’s between two windows, have half of it go over one window, the other half over the other one.)

The lilac bushes are doing relatively well: the two oldest had a ton of blooms earlier this year, while the others are looking rather promising.

So while the soil here seems to be crappy for grass and veggie plants, the roses and lilacs sure seem to like it.

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I love bulb flowers, and have a number of iris. They did really well this year, great display of color. I want to get some more.

My daylilies are fantastic, I have at least a dozen varieties blooming at once, and two kinds of Asiatic lilies.

I go for flowers with big, gaudy blossoms.

I bought a whole bunch of Mesanbreanthemums (sp?) and here in the UK we’ve actually had loads of sunshine of recent so the colours are fantastic.
For those who don’t know these buggers only show when there is sunshine, no sun, no show, an absolute waste of space.

I also have a load of French marigolds of different hues and they look pretty smart also some orchid type flowers the name of which I forget, tall with blue/white flowers (3 of) on each stalk.

Wonderful, both flower and veggies. We have had lots of rain here and evverything seems to be growing a foot a day. My rose bush is taller than I am now!

Can’t wait to dig up some more of Granny’s lilies to plant in my yard!

gardentraveler – amazing pix, thanks! (Hey – I have the same pot as you – the gray one with the kind of gothic arches. Mine has nicotiana and dianthus in it this year.)

What are you going to put under the trees? Looks like you’ve got a nice assortment of hostas going already – I’m also a big fan of monkshood for shade, gorgeous clear blue flowers, blooms in the fall. It gets tall, though, may not be what you want.

My yard is mostly a disaster for yet another year. We have so many things to do inside the house that my best-laid plans for a nice landscape kinda fizzle.

However, the small bed beside the front porch is nice - last year, my mom and I had a hosta trade and as a result, we each have about 13 varieties. This particular bed contains examples of most of them, and they seem to love the location!

Come fall, I’m hoping we can continue with removing the raggedy stuff so that maybe next year, the place can be more presentable. The previous owners were quiet elderly (in their 80s) and they found old tires to be attractive planters. They also allowed a bunch of their evergreens to get out of control or to die and rot in place.

Did I mention we have 3 acres? I don’t think it’ll really start looking good till I can retire and dedicate many days in succession to working on it. Fortunately, I love working in the yard. Unfortunately, I’m getting old myself, and my days of heavy lifting are slipping away. I need me a studly young gardener to do my bidding. Any candidates?? :smiley:

Thanks, twickster. Much of what I have under the trees is there temporarily while I clear out the back. I have several varieties of heuchera (a purple one, a chartreuse one - not Lime Rickey, but I can’t remember the name, Amber Waves and Dolce Creme Brulee), a tiarella, several astilbes, wood geranium, celandine poppies, shooting stars, some daylilies, some sedum, and a couple other items I’m forgetting. I’ve got a couple of impatiens in there too. The crabapples are very mature and one of them has several branches that are dead, so I think it’s not long for the world. I’m still thinking about what to do once it’s gone. Might fill in with a couple of small ornamental trees/shrubs. I’d really like to re-do the whole front of the house when I have the siding re-done. I’d like to have a porch in front and maybe a pergola leading up to it. I’ve got several years to dream about that though.


I hate you.


The Iris didn’t do much. That big damn pink waterlily is blooming well.
Blue Hosta is huge this year. Voodoo lily grew for a brief period and did not bloom.

My clematis went WILD this year! They bloomed in late May and had flowers until very recently.