Flu shot blues

With the shutdown of Chiron’s plant, and the embargo of all their flu vaccine earmarked for the U.S., the flu vaccine supply here has been halved. Following the discovery of contamination in some doses, the FDA was confident that the remainder of the supply was safe; British regulators weren’t.

I’m not in a high risk group and won’t be able to get a shot. I have proven in the past though to be extremely susceptible to getting the flu, and it hits me hard. I’m not looking forward to going back to when I used to spend two weeks in bed every winter.

What was the contaminant? Is it something known to be dangerous, or is it something relatively benign? Do British regulators know something the FDA doesn’t? Is there any chance they’ll change their minds?

Apparantly, a small number of samples failed to meet sterility requirements - link

I think the cat got into it.

I guess our company won’t be giving out flu shots this year . . . Last time I didn’t get a shot, I got soooo sick (everyone on the subway and commuter train seems to take delight in sneezing and coughing right on me). But I guess I’ll look at it as a two-week vacation. With barfing.

I just e’d my mother’s assisted-living home and said, “ummm, you guys will be able to vaccinate there, right?” I’d be nervous about even visiting if I thought I might be “carrying.”