Fluenz (language courses): Any experiences?

Inspired by this thread.

A friend is becoming a nurse. She believes learning Spanish will be a good skill. Unfortunately, the Spanish courses at her college conflict with her nursing courses. Rosetta Stone (the topic of the other thread) is too expensive, as she is a full-time student and has little money. Also, it seems from the conversation that Rosetta Stone is not as comprehensive a course as it could be. My friend checked her local library, but they do not have Rosetta Stone, and the Spanish course the did have has been stolen. I thought I might see if I could find a Spanish course I could get her as a graduation present (or her birthday, if I want to wait until November), and found Fluenz.

I played the sample lesson, and I liked it. I don’t speak Spanish myself, but being a Southern California native and former long-time resident of Los Angeles I’ve picked up the odd phrase here and there. The sample lesson made me think I might want to pick this up for myself! (My best fiend is living in Peru, and his wife doesn’t speak English. Might be handy when I visit them.) From what I can see from the website and ratings on Amazon, this course looks pretty good. I think it might be just the thing my friend needs to get her started.

Has anyone here used fluenz? If so, what to you think of it?

I just went through the demo of the French. I can see the technique could be quite valuable, but the manner of presentation I found patronising and deeply irritating. Hot instructress though, which seems apposite.

Yes. Hot Instructress is Hot.

I can see what you mean about the presentation. I didn’t find it too irritating though. As I said, I did the Spanish demo, and being from SoCal and having been around the language a bit I didn’t need the repetition. I started the French, but having no exposure to it in the past I think the repetition and really basic things that many people would find obvious to be helpful. That started in Lesson 3 though, and I would have benefitted from the earlier ones.

I liked the ‘building block’ approach, as that’s similar to how German was taught in school. (Of course in school there was more emphasis on grammar.) It seems as if this might be a good program for my friend. I’ve put it in my shopping cart, but haven’t bought it yet. It’s nearly three months until she graduates, so there’s time to consider it some more.

It wasn’t the repetition but the plodding delivery, the continual forced smile, the kindergarten teacher sing-song voice …