Fluiddruid is a Super Moderator

I know that Marley was made a SuperMod back in May due to a server hiccup (not a radioactive troll as first thought). Is this the same thing? Or was it an official promotion that I missed?

This is not good at all. Now fluiddruid will have to be away in some far off galaxy all the time so the lesser mods can get storylines. Otherwise people will just say “With a SuperMod with fluid’s powers why would any of the mods even be needed?” Does he have any weaknesses? 1920s style death rays?

I always wondered what happened if you got bitten by a radioactive moderator.

Well, evidently she grew a penis.

Doh! The Legion of Doom stole my ‘s’! Bastards!

Damn Olestra.

More powerful than a blue flash! Faster than a speeding neutron! Able to prevent criticality in a single core! She’s SuperModerator, the only fluiddruid ever covered in graphite! Her soft yet slippery ways let her slide out of harm’s way but still leave a mark.