Flushing the toilet causes wet seat

Why is it that sometimes when I flush the toilet everything goes down the drain like it’s supposed to but other times the water splashes all over the place? Given that the toilet and pipes don’t change their configuration all that often, and given that the same amount of water is in the cistern, how can I end up with different effects?

Depends on what you emptied there buddy.

Depends on what’s in the toilet at the time (I wish I hadn’t written that … yuk). zub beat me to it on preview.

Cecil mentioned this effect in his article: Does flushing the toilet cause dirty water to be spewed around the bathroom?

If the toilet is not draining optimally at all times, the slight hesitation could cause a little extra splashing because the water/waste remains in the bowl slipt second longer.

The sewer pipes might be clogged just a bit - enough to cause a minor annoyance, but not enough to slow things down terribly.

Pipe venting might be obstructed, too.

Flushing the toilet causes wet seat?

Stand up before flushing.

Oh, you meant that seat!

One of my toilets at home is a bit frisky and will spalsh some out from time to time. Seems to be worse with very little in the bowl - drop a kleenex in and flush and prepare to get wet, but a full load, so to speak, doesn’t splash out.

If you’ve dropped a really big one in there, could it be that most of the water has already splashed out?