Flying Cat

This happened a while ago but I thought I would post it anyway.

In Colorado some guy decided to strap some ballons onto his cat and see if he could get it to fly around.

Sounds Pretty Cool?

The Problem?

The Idiot did it outside with 15 MPH winds! :smack:

He Never saw his cat again


I mean, catastrophic!

Does anyone else thinks it’s odd that Lawn Mower posts about a flying cat?
<<trying to shake that mental image>>

Maybe the cat was rescued by the guy who tied weather balloons to his lawn chair and flew?

My God, that story kept Art Bell happy for weeks!!!

Poor kitty.

On the upside, he had to have landed somewhere- hopefully, the balloons would have lost their helium slowly enough for a reasonably soft landing, and kitty may have become the pet of someone who wasn’t so stupid as to tie a bunch of balloon to him so they could see if he would fly.

Have you checked with Johnny L.A.?

First of all I do not find it strange at all that I am posting about Flying Cats!

2nd I have a theroy that needs to be tested. Someone with a cat please help me out!

If cats always land with their feet down, and toast always lands butter side down, why couldnt you strap the two together and make a repeling force making the kitty and the toast fly!

They would not fly, rather they would fall until the car was just above the floor where the cat/toast combo would spin in place.

This, on a very base level, makes me laugh. Poor cat, but funny.

I’m too lazy to check snopes, but this sounds like an urban legend to me…