Flying to Calgary from Toronto in two weeks with an expired passport...problem?

…did I also mention that I am a landed immigrant? (From the UK.)

Will I have any problems at the airport being a landed immigrant???

(I have other ID. IE Driver license et al.)

Last time I checked, Calgary and Toronto were in the same country. Do you need a passport to fly London-Edinburgh? No. So…

I’d call the RCMP or someone similar and ask.

I doubt that flying in Canada has gotten as weird as flying in the States, but I’m sure they still ask for a photo ID. If you have a valid Canadian driver’s license (with no indication of your nationality), I would think you’d be OK. If anyone in security can recognize that you are not Canadian, you may have to demonstrate who you are, then it is a matter of figuring out whether Canadian civility or Canadian fascination with bureaucracy determines your fate.

The RCMP may not be the appropriate authority to ask, but they should be able to direct you to the right people.

I don’t know what you mean by “landed immigrant” but if you are not a Canadian citizen and you have an expired passport then you may be there illegally. Does Canada have the equivalent of the U.S. INS?

You shoud be fine - I’ve flown at least a few times in the last 6 months and never had to provide a passport.

Driver’s Licence should be fine.

In Canada, a “landed immigrant” is a person who has come to live in Canada and has essentially become a permanent resident, but has not yet received actual citizenship. Landed immigrants can usually leave and re-enter the country at will. My best friend’s parents are landed immigrants, Americans, who’ve lived in Canada for 32 years, and they go back and forth from the U.S. on a weekly basis.

No, you would not need a passport to fly between two Canadian cities, becuse they don’t ask for a passport. A driver’s license would do.

I didn’t think it would be a problem, but I didn’t want to take a chance due to all the new security measures…(Mind you, I should have throught about it BEFORE booking my flight. ;))

CookingWithGas, sorry but I had to laugh at your post. (In a good way, though.)

“I am? Ah crap!!”
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Thanks all.

In all honesty, since you are part of the Commonwealth, I doubt that you’ll have any problems. Flying within Canada shouldn’t be an issue, since you are already there. Who you may want to talk to is the British Embassy or Consulate. I’m sure that at the very least they could prepare a document for you saying that your new passport is currently being processed.

As a Landed Immigrant, don’t you have some sort of identification card with that status indicated? In the US, to answer Cooking’s concern, an Immigrant Alien (our version of Landed Immigrant) is issued an Alien Registration Card and that’s the thing with an expiration date that matters, not necessarily the passport.

Nope…we don’t have anything like that. (Well, no one I know does.)

I have a EU passport and my Immigration Papers. That’s it.