Foam mattresses -are they worth it

My wife has been wanting a foam mattress for a while to help with the movement when I or the dogs are trying to get comfortable. I tried one in the store and didn’t fall in love with it.

So I’m curious for those that have them, are they worth it? I assume I’d get used to it, but since I have no problem with our current mattress, I’m hesitant to shell out a lot of many for a new bed.

We’ve been sleeping on a platform bed for about 15 years now - a firm mattress with no box spring, on a hard base. The lack of a box spring is, I think, critical to minimizing bouncing around when your sleeping buddy is restless.

In the last 3 or 4 years we’ve supplemented the mattress with a 3" memory foam mattress topper. It has ben a god send for me, because I have shoulder problems and no matter how much I try I can’t stop rolling onto my side while I am asleep. With the memory foam pad I no longer wake up with painful shoulders.

An actual memory foam mattress might be the way you want to go, but if you can do a firm mattress (or even your current mattress) and a platform bed instead of a box spring, that would be less expensive and will go a long way toward minimizing movement.


Keep in mind that just laying on one is a really poor test, the foam starts out kinda firm but once your body temp warms it up you get the full effect.

I want a memory foam mattress, but my husband hates them. I’m trying to convince him that in place of a king mattress, we can get 2 XL Twins, each getting what we like but still having one bed. No luck so far.

So I’m using a memory foam topper on my side, and I’m loving it. I know a lot of people complain that they’re hot, but I get cold when I sleep, so I love it that much more!

Using a memory foam topper I can say that though I can sleep on it, it has it’s issues. For me the biggest one is that it traps heat and for those who sleep warm, it traps heat like nothing you ever felt before. If you sleep cold this may be a godsend, but lets be real here, those who sleep warm rule the world and the other people have to take what they can get.

Latex over a euro-slat base is fabulous. Also infinitely adjustable to accommodate body and sleeping changes over the years, which is good because a 20-year lifespan is nominal.

There is middle ground on this issue. If you like a traditional mattress, and she is unhappy about “motion transfer,” a traditional mattress with individually pocketed coils can work for you. My husband flops around like crazy. I notice this a lot on vacation (when we are sleeping on inferior mattresses). But at home, we have a Sterns & Foster mattress designed to prevent motion transfer, and it works very well–I am never disturbed by his movement. Even though S&F is considered a premium brand mattress, I got it for a very reasonable price by shopping around.

I bought a $299 memory foam mattress on Amazon (free 2 day shipping!). I was as dubious as anyone would be about buying a $300 queen sized mattress without trying it, but the price and the reviews were so great. I also know an awful lot about shipping so I was convinced if it really sucked I’d be able to return it, even though packing up a mattress is probably a real hassle.

It’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. It’s actually nearly ruined me for other mattresses when I travel, even if they’re decent mattresses. It would be worth so much more than $300, but at $300 it’s the cheapest mattress I’ve ever owned.

I just bought this mattress a month or two ago, and it is magical. I never knew if I would really like a foam mattress or not, but I LOVE IT. It is hypnotically comfortable. I seriously have trouble getting out of this bed on the weekends when it’s time to get up because I feel like I could just lay there all day.

Also, I am a guy who generally “sleeps warm” and I have never had any problems with the mattress feeling too hot.

I love my memory foam topper.

Yes. My pinched nerves are not as bad (but still bad) on a foam mattress vs inner spring.

I love mine as well. The old pillow top innerspring was sagging so much that sleeping on it regularly hurt my back. Replaced it with memory foam and now I rarely wake up with a sore back.

Latex mattress. It was too expensive if I think about it.


Great for sex.

I love mine. You will pry my memory foam matress off my cold dead body.

You might want to look at The Mattress Underground. It will tell you more about mattresses than you ever wanted to know.

Thanks for all the replies. Her birthday is coming up so maybe I’ll surprise her./