fog machines

One of our friends gave my son gift card for Toys R Us and he got a mini fog machine.
Does anyone else have one?
Are they safe enough?
We will be having a disco party.

It’s not quite Halloween yet, but this should help you out. I hope all goes well with the party, it sounds fun. :slight_smile:

We already have a drop cloth for the tv.
I am a worry wart, especially ever since the fire we had 3 years ago.

We are already looking forward to Halloween.

But we love disco, thanks to

For some reason, my fog machine makes bad smelling fog when I first use it. I have to be sure the first two of three blasts of fog go outside.

Then I can only use it in short bursts anyway as it makes me cough.

I have a couple. One worked very well inNight for Nixie in the “Fogland” sequence. Entering “Fogland” was a little bit of a challenge, since it was an exterior scene where the sleazy detective walks into a wall of fog. Any little breeze dissipates the fog, and my machine is rather small (700w). But we managed to put up a wall that lasted long enough for the shot. (The other “exteriors” were actually shot in a basement.)

No worries with the water-based fog fluid. I never had any problem with the mineral oil-based fog (I’ve never used it myself, but I’ve been in it), and I like the smell; but some people are sensitive to it, and you can get an oily residue.