Foggy Food

Are ultrasonic foggers food-safe?
Could you use one in a punchbowl or a big pot of stew or spaghetti sauce?
In outdoor use, the oscillators need to be replaced about every six months.
Would acidic food products shorten the oscillator’s life span?
Can you tell I’ve been thinking about Halloween?

On Halloween I took a huge iron pot (think “cauldron”), added a couple of inches of water in the bottom, put in three bricks, added a plastic bowl on top of the bricks (thus out of the water). I would occasionally slip some dry ice past the bowl into the water where it would fog nicely. Worked GREAT except that the CO2 attracted every mosquito from, I would estimate, about two hundred miles. Once they got close they ignored the pot and closed in on me. Another problem was that smaller kids were very reluctant to get anywhere near the pot – either it was a little too good an effect, or they were rightfully afraid the blood sucking cloud would get them.

That should read “One Halloween”, as in long ago.