Foie Gras...

It’s delicious. No ethical problems.

I’ve never had it, but I imagine that I’d enjoy it. I have no ethical qualms about it, nor any liver-themed qualms.

I want to even though I don’t like liver in general and I have no ethical problems with it.


I wanted to try it for some time, and am NOT a liver loving person. I figured it had to be somehow different than regular liver.

I found myself in a pretty upscale steakhouse that had fois gras 2 ways, pate and seared, as an appetizer.

Wasn’t blown away, wasn’t spitting into my napkin. Beat the hell out of regular liver, but there are plenty of other appetizers I’d rather buy.

No ethical dilema.


I think the stuff must do something to your speech center. :stuck_out_tongue:

Never tried it nor wanted to, consider its production repugnant.

I’m not a big fan of warm fois gras (like when they put a slab of seared foie on a steak) but will eat it cold (like in mousse) all day if I could.

I don’t get the ethical part of it. Anyone who refuses to eat foie or veal but who continues to eat mass-market meat or eggs is deluding themselves I think. I don’t think there’s any comparison between the suffering that your average chicken goes through and foie gras ducks - the duck farms I’ve seen are high quality, clean places with tons of room for the ducks to run around. Chicken farms? Not so much, to say the least.

Some of us eat free range chicken eggs.

It just tastes like liver to me… ok, I guess, just not something I’m going to go out of my way to obtain.

I don’t care how they make it. I also love veal.

That is both hilariously off-putting and gloriously accurate at the same time. I say Bravo sir!

I love seared fois gras - it became almost a “hype appetizer” at foodie joints maybe 10 - 15 years ago, where everyone had to have it on their menu. These days, when I find it and it is done right - mmmm.

I’m also somewhat spoiled when it comes to foie gras. When I lived in Hungary, fattened goose livers were around 2000 HUF/kilogram, which worked out with the exchange rate to under $5/lb (and actually under $3/lb at the peak of the exchange rate circa 1999 or so). The quality was on par, if not better, than French foie gras. You just sear that sucker and you’ve got a wonderful appetizer or accompaniment to a steak tenderloin (filet mignon).

What pissed me off was some of the countryside places that would bread and fry the wonderful goose liver, completely overcooking it in the process. :smack: What a waste of good goose liver.

Love it. Would eat it every day if I could. I feel the tiniest bit guilty, but not enough to, you know, stop eating it.

Only had it once, maybe twice (can’t remember). Fucking good. Don’t care about the geese – they serve at my pleasure (sounds terrible, but one must justify somehow).

Tried it. Don’t like it. Don’t like liver in general either.

The only liver product I’ve ever eaten to my knowledge is livermush, so I won’t even bother saying “I don’t like liver.”

I’d be interested in trying it, but only on the advice of someone who knew what they were talking about telling me that I was trying a good sample. I’d hate to eat a poor sample and then go away thinking that’s what it was all about.

FWIW, I feel the same way about caviar.

Like it, but doesn’t really taste much like liver to me (I like liver ).
A little goes a long way- most places give you too much, even for an appetiser.

I’m a thrilled about how it is made? No, but I’m ok with eating it, knowing exactly what it is.

I love it.

I have an ethical problem with it.

I enjoy it anyway.

I have seen on TV how they are fed and in the grand scheme of things it is not as cruel (in my opinion) as some of the industrual husbandry methods for chicken or pigs.

I stood in line for almost two hours to have a Foie Gras Dog at Hot Doug’s. It was very much worth it, and standing in the sun was more brutal than being a force fed goose.

I’ve seen the force feeding on TV, and it’s not as bad as it looks. Geese’s throats are built differently than ours. A feeding tube does not cause them to gag, choke, or be unable to breath.

Never tried it, nor am I likely to. I loathe liver and other organ meats. No major ethical problem but I’m still not crazy about it.

I was just going to come in to post this. Liver makes me gag. The one time I’ve had fois gras, it was exactly like meat-flavored butter.