Foie Gras...

Who here has tried it and loved it? Who has tried it and hated it? Who has never tried it but wants to? Who has an ethical problem with its production?

Curious minds want to know!

I had never even heard of the stuff until seeing your username a couple of years ago. No real desire to try myself. I put it along the same lines as veal. I can see why people get upset about it, but feel no outrage myself.

I’ve tried it a few times. The first time it was heavenly. The next times only so, so.

I have a tremendous ethical problem with it.

I absolutely love it, and I have no ethical qualm with it.

I know what it is but never had it. I generally don’t like liver.


Never had it.

Have you tried mustard?

Want to, only so I can say I’ve tried it. Wouldn’t expect to like it, however. (not a liver guy)




Do not like, do not have any ethical qualms about it.

Man, I love it!

I was kinda wondering when the OP was going to start this OP.

Even if you’re not normally a “liver person” it’s worth trying, just to see. To me, it doesn’t have the same liverry taste as other livers (especially beef or pork liver). It’s rich and unctuous…I’d describe it as “meat butter” if that makes any sense whatsoever. It’s especially good counterpointed with something sweet or fruity–like foie gras with some Tokaji or Sauternes, or a little bit of honey or apricot or something. Or you can go the earthy route and accent it with truffles.

Had it. Liked it, somewhat. Didn’t find it substantially better when made with livers from force fed fowl. Perhaps I didn’t have the best versions of that though. I could live without it. Chopped chicken liver is good enough for me in the liver category.

Never tried it, have a feeling I’d love it (meat butter sounds like my kind of thing), but I do have an ethical problem with it and so avoid it.

I have never tried it and would like to. No ethical problem here; I eat veal, too. :frowning: As to the taste, you know, I tried escargot a few years back and it was DELICIOUS. I never thought it would be. So why wouldn’t other unusual things be good, too? Can’t tell until I try.

I tried it and loved it and have ethical problems with its production.