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What is the ginger beer trick? Is the ginger beer introduced nasally or, um, further South, so to speak?

Um, I’m not in any rush to find this out.

The trick is well explained. It’s entirely [del]sychol[/del] [del]psicho[/del] headology. The prisoner hears pop-fizz-scream from the next cell, and *imagines *some terrible unknown fate awaits him. It’s all in his own mind. The ginger beer doesn’t come anywhere near him.

In one comic, the Punisher goes on and on about what a blowtorch will do to a human flesh and how the injury will feel cold at first because the searing fire will burn the nerves so badly they can’t figure it out properly, all this while standing behind the tied-up and half-naked prisoner. Blowtorch in one hand he then pokes the prisoner’s back with an ice cream.

I always figured the ginger beer trick is kinda like that.

ok supposedly one interriogation trick by certain police agencies is to take a can of coke shake it up have someone hold back the head of the unlucky slob and open it up right under his nose where it burns like all hell……. it was so common in the 70s the mex army put down a prison riot by merely having a coke semi pull up and get unloaded in plain site

After having it done a few times im told youd sell out your grandma in ohio for what ever they need to know about …… (theres another one about where they shove a curling iron type of thing in/up the anus and have it burn and shock you at timed intervals )


He also told the prisoner that he would smell his own flesh burning, then uses the blowtorch to cook a steak.

The scene was copied in the 2008 Punisher movie.

But it can. The old technique was to blast a well-shaken bottle of ginger beer up a person’s nostrils. The ginger and carbonation really do a number on their sinuses and it doesn’t leave a mark. Vimes just uses the threat of the unknown in place of actually dosing someone.

I believe Vimes also had Colon or Nobby supply some sound effects.

It seemed clear to me that Vimes’ trick was effective because the person Vimes was threatening had used ginger beer on a prisoner (or had seen it done), and knew how painful it was.

For hardcore prisoners they summon a Mentos truck as well.

Okay, what book was it in? I thought I had read every Pratchett and I don’t recall this.

Night Watch.

Which I consider to be one of the best of the books.

Not saying you’re wrong,but I believe I read this in a John D. Macdonald/Travis McGee novel