Follow up news from the Dr

In this thread, I told about the pathology reports on the “thing” removed from my shoulder. I finally heard back from the dermatologist’s office - it was not melanoma. The recheck of the results came back as “dysplastic nevus” same as the original punch biopsy. So, that’s good news.

I have to go back in 3-4 months so Dr. E can look at my shoulder again, then check all over to make sure I don’t have anything else that shouldn’t be there. I guess this is another item to be added to my annual once-over.

[potential TMI]
Can’t remember if I mentioned that my colonoscopy came out just fine and that I don’t remember a thing about it. Unfortunately, the followup fecal occult tests were positive again, so on May 7, I have to have an EGD done. As I understand it, they’ll run a scope down my throat, thru my stomach to the duodenum trying to figure out what’s bleeding. Just in case, I’ve quit taking the daily aspirin in the hopes that it was just a stomach irritation. We shall see.
[/potential TMI]

I guess tied up in all this is my resolve to start working out at the “Y” - the Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] and I took a tour the other day and we’ve got a one-week trial membership to try it out. I’m pretty sure we’ll join. The facilities are really nice, the equipment looks brand new (they lease it, so every other year, everything is replaced) and it’s only about 3 miles from home, so it’s very convenient.

We’re going over this afternoon for our first workout. Assuming the staff is decent and we get a fair chance to try the different gear, we’ll most likely get a family membership. The trial period should give us a chance to assess whether we like the way it’s run. I may start getting healthy in spite of myself!!


Yay! It was just a “dyspepsic nerve”. (I knew it was nothing. I should be a doctor or something. A psychic doctor.)

And maybe the problem is they keep putting TV cameras where they don’t belong. (Usuing my psychic doctor skills I know there’s nothiung wrong there either. But if you wan, I can give you a whole psychic pysical. That’s where I imagine you naked and see if I can find anything wrong. I’ll just do that now. OK? Nope. Your fine.)

And when you go to the Y to work out, be sure you park right up front by the doors. It seems to be a rule. (I guess people don’t want to get sweaty while they walk through the parking lot before the work out or something.)

I feel so cheap now… :eek:

I like the sound of “fecal occult tests”. I can’t quite silence my inner adolescent, who is thinking “Magic powers in your shit! Kewl!”

No skin cancer = a good thing.

Kind of in line with what Rue said, I’m pretty sure that if somebody crammed a pipe up my butt I’d have blood in my stool too.*

Good luck. There may be something less pleasant than GI exams, but if there is I’m not familiar with it.

*[sub]Sorry. Maybe that wasn’t funny.[/sub]

I thought it was funny… sick and twisted, but funny…

All I can say in favor of the GI exams - Demerol is your friend! I think that’s what they gave me. Whatever it was, it knocked me out, and the less I know about what’s being done to my innards, the happier I am. Compared to this, the annual visit to the gyn is a picnic, sorta.

As the T-shirt says: If I knew I was gonna live this long, I’d’a taken better care of myself.

As for magical shit, ummm, you’re just weird, Tansu!!!


You won’t feel cheap when you get my bill. I am a professional. Well worth every penny.
-Rue. (that’s Dr. Rue, Psychic Healer- coming to CBS this Fall!)

** Fecal Occult Tests**

Band name!

FCM, glad the “thing” turned out to be nothing. I hope the other “thing” turns out to be nothing too. What say we have a premier party this Fall for the first episode of Dr Rue, Psychic Healer. I think the two things that would be needed to watch are alcohol and maybe some demerol. :smiley:

Glad everything is hunky-dory with your bod FCM Ain’t getting older a hoot? I started going to the gym again two years ago and it really is a good thing to do for yourself. I have a lot more energy now and my back doesn’t bother me near as much as it used to. Not that it’s actually better you understand, but the muscles are stronger and keep my spine in line better. (It was always running off and getting into trouble before.)
BTW, I now have a visual in my head of your gynocologist spreading a red checked tablecloth on the exam table and laying out plastic silverware for your exam/picnic. I think I need help.

Good idea, swampbear - tho both of those refreshments tend to put me out. I should think we’d not want to miss a minute of Dr. Rue

I’m hoping all my “things” turn out negative…

I’ll never be able to look at a red checked tablecloth in quite the same way now!! That really cracked me up!!!

Hey - going to the gym will help my back? No more agony after an afternoon of gardening?!?! Cool beans!

Perhaps you’re right there FCM. I know I’d kick myself if I didn’t find out whether or not Dr. Rue took the toast out of the toaster in the latest episode.

Everbody settle down!

We need to plan the FairyChatMom Is Perfectly Healthy And There’s Absolutely Nothing To Worry About, Dammit party.

swampbear needs to bring the strawberries and whipped cream, Bumbazine can bring the chips and dip and the Kafka novelettes, and Rue just has to show up.

I’ll bring a warm fuzzy blanket and some beer.

We’ll all have a very nice party, because FairyChatMom is Perfectly Healthy, and there’s Nothing To Worry About, Dammit.

[sub]This post brought to you by Christopher Robin and his Fuzzy Little Friend. They grew up a bit.[/sub]

I’ll bring the red check tablecloth and the instru- err, the silverware.

Oh, trust me, there are. Radiology is where we strip you of every last shred of modesty. Do a google search using the words: virtual hospital VCUG.

Well, I’m willing to bring the instruments… seriously! [sub]Musical instruments, people… not gynecological ones! Sheesh…[/sub]

Let’s see… my brother knows how to play the piano, violin, flute, keyboards, some drums, and probably some more too! He can also sing… wait, I can bring the entire choir over, as well. However, FCM will have to supply the piano… I don’t think we can afford to fly one from here to Florida and back.

So how’s that sound?

Oh, thank you very much, Rysdad.

Now I have that to look forward to.

Are you coming to the party?

An entire choir singing praises of FCM’s shoulder and GI tract?
…I like it! :smiley:

Cool. I think we’re all set.

PARTY for FairyChatMom!!! She rocks, and she deserves some support.

We got music, we got rhythm, we every-dang-thang…

“I am the very model of a modern colonoscopy
I’ve information of your innards and there’s none that will escape from me…”