Follow up to Triumph

I have two questions–

  1. regarding tornados. So they mostly happen in the US because there’s a big mountain range running up the middle? And other continents don’t have big mountains in the middle?
  2. regarding lefties. Did the study concerning power tool injuries take into account the fact that power tools are designed for right handed users?

I assume you’re referring to the Cordillera (Rockies & related chains) as “in the middle” {{scanning atlas for Mississippi Mountains}}.

If I’ve got this right, the idea is that North America has two chains of mountains running north and south with the Gulf of Mexico south and the Canadian NWT tundra north, allowing the proper mixture of cold and hot air in the right sequence to produce the vortices that lead to tornadoes. Europe and Asia have east-west mountains for the most part (the Urals being not particularly spectacular exceptions). South America and Africa do not have the proper positioning on the globe to produce the results.

You need more than just the mountains. You also need the Gulf of Mexico, and prevailing weather patterns that drive cold air aloft over the mountains, and warm moist air up from the gulf. The cold air aloft and warm air below creates a dramatically unstable atmosphere, and with the moisture from the gulf, it creates very powerful thunderstorms. Very powerful thunderstorms spawn tornadoes (although they aren’t the only tornado-spawning mechanism)

Tornados appear in lots of places besides the American plains. I know of sightings in California, for instance, and there is often tornadic activity in the Florida area.

I doubt seriously that the only place on Earth that experiences tornadic activity is the USA.

The context of my post was tornado formation in the US plains, which is the context I understood the original question to be in. At no time did I imply that tornadoes only form in the US, and in fact mentioned that the US plains “tornado engine” is not the only tornado spawning mechanism.

Last I heard tornades are known to have formed on every continent except Antarctica.