Followed recipe, got meh results. What do I do with the thing now?

I decided I’d give a try at making some dessert during this Christmas break, and the first thing I thought about was to make Sicilian-style blancmange. Got what I thought was a reasonably simple recipe here (a warning: it’s in Italian), got the ingredients - almond milk, sugar, cornflour, vanilla, cinnamon and so on, went through the steps, tried the final result… Meh. Bland. It looks and feels like grayish panna cotta - no, actually firmer than that - but just tastes of sugar.

I should have expected it, of course - the flavour of almond milk is quite delicate, and there’s such a lot of sugar. I’m not sure this is an easy recipe to fix.

But in any case, now I have in the fridge a lump of sugary, faintly almondy, gelatiney… stuff. I should just toss it, but is there anything else I could do with it?

Maybe pour some melted dark chocolate on it? The bitterness might counter the sweetness.

Just a thought…

I’d stir it into tea and coffee as a creamer/sweetener. I assume the heat would melt the gelatin.

Or, my tongue in cheek answer: first you ask yourself, did you follow the recipe. Second, you say a prayer for its soul. Third, you ask for forgiveness. Then, you live with it.

Serve it layered with fruit (fresh is better, thawed frozen berries acceptable) and possibly whipped cream (real is better, fake is permissible).

Moving to CS.

Hm, blancmange to me is a sweet chicken and rice dish that is made with almond milk as the cooking liquid. But then again I do medieval and renaissance cooking. As a dessert you are looking at a pretty bland sugary mess unless you spice it up with something like cinnamon, cloves or black pepper/long pepper.

Perhaps next time zip it up with some spices, I have found that cinnamon always goes nicely in almond based desserts, or perhaps lemon zest? Top it with toasted chopped almonds?

Something like this needed almond extract, when you made it. Put peaches or berries marinated in Amaretto on it?

It’s basically a cornstarch pudding. Compared to recipes for that, yours has a bit more sugar, and massively more cornstarch (which is a thickener). I think that the recipe may be in error.

(Additional notes: it calls for lemon zest, and no vanilla. Converting weights to volumes can introduce problems – many dry ingredients weigh less per volume unit than liquid ones.)

You’re stuck with the texture. An over-flavored sauce will fix the flavorlessness.

For your next attempt, I’d recommend using a regular pudding recipe subsituting almond milk for dairy milk, and dressing up the result as recommended by the Sicilians.