Following up on COPS cases

Is there any easy way to follow up on the incidents profiled on fox’s COPS? I saw a segment Saturday night for which I would love to see the outcome. A couple of kids had stolen a SUV months earlier, and had a bagful of stolen credit cards and IDs.

Both the guy and the girl were extremely snotty (especially the girl) who had the attitude of how dare the cops question her, not giving their names, etc…even though the police caught them red-handed. They both pretended not to know anything about the credit cards that were being thrown out the window.

I really want the satisfaction of knowing these two ended up in prison. Is there a website for follow up? If I knew their names, I could try to follow the case in the local paper. Any ideas?

If you remember the name of the town the segment was filmed in, you could try contacting the local PD or local paper.

I’ve often wondered about this myself.

Shouldn’t they be required to tell you if the people arrested were ever charged or convicted?-Especially where the details of the crime/case are more vague.

Also, do you suppose the arrestees have to sign a video release?

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Yes, they do have to sign a video release. That’s why the faces of some suspects are obscured (I think the proper term is “pixillated”) and the faces of others are clear; not all suspects sign a release.

Why would ANYONE sign a release? Not the kinda fifteen minutes of fame I’d be looking for.

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how about ?

Anyway, I could guess very accurately what happened to those people. They would be arrested, charged with all sorts of things, seen a judge, get sentenced & thrown in the slammer. That’s pretty much how that show goes.

I’d like to know what fraction of the recorded events get aired? Take Rescue 911 and all those similar ambulence-chasing shows. You never saw them lose a patient. Not ever. Obvious, every EMS unit in the U.S. doesn’t have a 100% survival rate. They just didn’t snow the people who died. Likewise, Cops in Wherever isn’t going to show you the crackhouse raid that ends with the suspect’s head being blow off (or the officer’s). I’d really like to know how many of the cases do not get shown because the ending is bad.

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I just heard that Fox is planning a Cops / X-Files cross-over for Feb. sweeps. Maybe the answer is going to be out there…

How do you have a fictional show crossover with a non-fiction show? This has bad idea written all over it.