Followup on words that spell other words backwards

Songbird described the difference between a palindrome and an anagram right, I think, but there’s a more specific term than anagram to describe a word, such as sung, that backwards spells a different word. Lewis Carroll way back when invented the term “semordilap” to describe type of wordplay. It’s got a pretty self-explanatory etymology.

Of course a word which spells another word when written backwards is a ‘margana’. A palidrome is isomorphic to a semordilap.

Ah, the word that spells another word backwards is:



This URL will take you to a reverse text generator where you can enter any text you like and get the backwards version in return.
You haven’t LIVED until you’ve found satanic messages in your own writings!

HAH! Mexi that is the biggest hoot! Now I can flip flop syrupy birth day card greetings to find out what my friends and family really think about me…

Thanks for the address.