I was reading my local newspaper online and they had this as an ad: I perused it a bit and it lists a bunch of companies and the amounts and percentages that the companies give to Democrats and Republicans.

Clear Channel which controls the most radio stations in the US:

GE (General Electric) which owns NBC:

Disney which owns ABC:

Viacom which owns CBS:

Time Warner which owns CNN:

News Corp which owns Fox News:

Who the hell would News Corp. give eighteen bucks to? For someone with their kinda pockets, that’s like flipping a panhandler a penny! “Here Nader, take it and leave me alone.”

News Corp. gives lots more than that in in-kind services, and so does Clear Channel. News Corp’s Fox News is ruled by the GOP daily talking points. Clear Channel owns The Rush Limbagh Shows, and you know which way his hate spews.

GE owns NBC, but it also has big holdings in health care services, insurance, aircraft parts, power generation, and “financial services.” Broadcasting is a small iron in their fire.

Not only is the 18 bucks weird, but I think it’s odd that they aren’t nice even numbers. Even if they were multiple donations over a period of time, I still would have expected them to be even multiples of 100, or 10 at least.

Well, the most amusing one I’ve found was this:

H.J. Heinz Company HNZ

Huh… that is odd.