FOO Fighters

OK, the first reference I recall to FOO Fighters was in reguards to aledged UFO sightings during WWII. There is also a possibility that there is a conection to experimental German aircraft tested during WWII. Does anyone know how the name originated. Could it be an acronym?

Russ Hauser

The best I could find from a Google search was this from the “UFO Folklore Center”:

Since most of this kind of information comes from folks on the fringe (even for the internet), I recommend taking whatever info you find with a large grain of salt. Can anyone verify the existence of “Smokey Stover”?

Sure I remember Smokey Stover as a kid. What a lame-brained comic strip that was.

Here’s a article on the history of the term.

Have you ever projected a flashlight into an approaching fog bank? Or seen search lights play on the clouds? I’ve often thought that the foo-fighter phenomenon sounds suspiciously like a light source from the aircraft being directed onto its own contrail. That would explain why you couldn’t get away from it.

Tail gunners in bombers had a lot of time on their hands, were isolated from the rest of the crew, and their own bodies would block any reflection back down the gunner tube. Some of them, no doubt, appreciated a good practical joke now and then. However, that explanation has to my knowledge never been admitted by anyone, and only explains one small subset of the sightings.

Thanks, I do remember Smokey Stover. It was a comic strip featuring firemen.