Food Fadists - STFU

I am just so tired of hearing about people sensitive to gluten, dairy, black pepper, onions, cinnamon, vegetables in the nightshade family, sugar, and on and on. Yesterday was the topper though, I heard someone ask “Was this dehydrated at a temperature of less than 118 degrees? I get violently ill if I eat anything that was heated beyond that”. Listen you fucking drama queen, if you want to jump on the raw food bandwagon go ahead, but don’t expect us to believe that you get “violently ill” if you eat things that were heated.

I know there are some people who really do have celiac disease, or are truly allergic to certain foods, but the majority of these whiners are just looking for ways to feel special. Here’s a news flash though, joining the herd of people following the allergy du jour does not make you special, it makes you a fucking moron.

And seriously, does anyone ever go to a Naturopath/Witch Doctor and not be told they are “sensitive” to wheat and dairy?

It won’t be long until the people with children who have peanut allergies are here to tell you how serious it is.

Maybe not, peanut allergis are so severe that breathing the same air as someone who ate a peanut butter sandwhich is deadly, imagine what would happen if someone read a post with the word “peanut” in it (maybe we should put spoiler tags on ‘peanut’ just to be safe).

You’re post just gave me hives. I hope you’re happy.

I do sympathize with your OP, though. Peanut allergies cause about 10 - 20 deaths a year in the US. The response seems far out of proportion to the threat. More people die of lightning strikes than that.

Good Og. I didn’t even consider the implications of such a post!

I can get behind the OP. I have actual honest to Og food allergies, but I don’t do anything other than gasp! not eat the things I’m allergic to. Imagine that.

Thats probably because most people are sensitive to them, cut animal milk cheese etc out of your diet and you will probably notice a difference whether you are allergic or not(for me it is mucus production).

BTW would it kill restaurants to just offer ingredient lists already, at least on their website?

Fast food places and other establishments that make up fixed-recipe dishes from mass-produced and mass-marketed ingredients could certainly do this. For restaurants that change their menus and recipes according to what they think looks best in the market and/or garden today, though, it might not be feasible.

True, but they have to be a small minority of restaurants.

Same here. I try to keep things quiet and low key, anything BUT attention-attracting. The nutballs make life harder for those of us who have genuine medical conditions.

I don’t know if it is nutballs or media myths(asthma seems to be popular for a hypochondriac in media) but I have had several people tell me I just need to stop being so emotional to cure asthma.

I’m already the most unemotional person you can imagine and no my asthma is not tied in anytway to emotions. The worst attack I ever had started while I was napping! :rolleyes:

add self-proclaimed “foodies,” “chowhounds,” and “locavores” to the list of douches with cases of unwarranted self-importance.


My mother’s ‘allergies’ constantly change. It’s getting freaking embarrassing- her latest is the fabulous claim that she’s allergic to ‘acid-fruit’-when-eaten-with-dairy-products. I kid you not.

I’ve tried pointing out that ‘acid fruit’ is not a potential allergy, (I mean, she’s including citrus, kiwi fruit, sharp tasting apples…lots of things with virtually no biological or chemical connection) as well as the fact that I’m pretty damn sure you can’t be allergic to a combination of two things. She just gets angry at me, and claims I want her to be ill.

She’s already cut out gluten, and some nebulous thing called ‘additives’, despite having no idea which are what, or why she’s doing it. It started when she read some sodding hippy book on controlling arthritis by diet; it seemed extreme to start with, but now she’s just randomly cutting stuff out because someone says it’s a potential allergen. It’s been nearly 3 years now, and it’s just getting impossible to feed her.

Oh God, locavores. It’s one thing to eat food from local suppliers because they are fresher and better quality, it’s another when you think that there is some magic way local foods are more nutritionally approprate.

But go ahead and live your life without coffee, chocolate, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and a host of other foods that make life with living. just STFU about it.


I didn’t realize how prevalent lightning allergies are!

You’re one of them, aren’t you.

Maybe where YOU live. Not here in the civilized world.

Heh. Lightning kills about 50-60 people in the US each year. In a population on 300 some odd million. It’s rare as fuck, but it does kill more people than peanuts do. That’s my take on the peanut threat in a, um, nutshell.