Food for thought

I found that very interesting. None of them could answer basic questions about government, but they could all answer questions where Palin had been the subject of a smear.

:rolleyes: You think the same video couldn’t have been made of McCain supporters? It’s pretty easy when you can select from a pool of millions. Judicious editing is also quite the tool.

Oh, give it a rest!

Obama got elected because:
a) He was the better candidate.
b) His parties’ platform was more appealing than his opponents.
c) His running mate wasn’t out spouting alienating BS about the majority of the citizens in the US.

If you think that the media “smeared” Palin, you need to think about what she actually said, and see if those were statements that a potential president should make.

Nate Silver conducted an interview with the guy behind that website, John Ziegler. Ziegler is… not quite all there.

The questions were multiple choice, but at least some of the answers should have been “none of the above” when “none of the above” was never an option. Ziegler even admits that in the above interview when it comes to at least one question.

Here is a column on the Wall Street Journal about the website and poll. When the WSJ says a conservative is “misleading” then it’s probably bad.

I thought it was only FoxNews watchers who were stupid and uninformed.

A clear majority of Obama voters are too stupid to know who is in control of Congress?

I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess,considering where they seem to be getting their “news” -

It’s like the Adlai Stevenson anecdote.

He was campaigning, and a supporter told him, “Don’t worry. All the thinking people are on your side!”

He shot back, “that’s not enough. I need a majority.”

Jesus…I can’t believe people still try to engage Clothahump as if he were susceptible to reason…

Isn’t that kind of a trick question? If someone asked me that question, I’d assume it was Palin because it seems obvious. That’s like saying, “No, the answer is no one.” You’re clearly trying to get them to say Palin just to make them look bad.

It reminds me of that Simpsons special where they give a trivia question to the viewers (name two popular Simpsons characters who have died, and shows the outline of their faces), where they then go on to say, “If you said Bleeding Gums Murphy and Dr. Marvin Monroe…you’re wrong. They were never popular.”

I was definitely expecting the lunatic right to go on the attack for the next four years, but if this is the best they can do, it’s going to be hilarious rather than irritating.

Yep. That’s the big issue Nate Silver had with it.


Obama should have been elected to the Presidency by the same means Bush was. By a panel of nine politically informed voters.