Food recommendation in Ithaca NY

My boyfriend is stuck in Ithaca for the weekend. Any good suggestions for where he should go for dinner? He’s at a hotel near the airport and would like to stay fairly close to that area since his work vehicle is a pain in the butt. He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy although he has a soft spot for lasagna.

Anything really good you know of?

You might have better luck on on the NY boards. Plus you can search for Ithaca recommendations that have already been made.

Hmm I’m probably too late on this anyway…plus I don’t live in Ithaca any more (but my parents do, and I still visit often).

There isn’t much near the airport. He will have to head down Route 13 heading west to find anything. I think there is an Applebee’s in the Triphapper Mall, which might be his kind of thing.

You’re not too late. He already went to dinner tonight but he still has to eat tomorrow night. He can definitely use Applebees if nothing more interesting pops up. I think he’d like to go somewhere he can’t find in MA. I told him to go to Wegman’s.

needscoffee, thanks for the link. I’d never heard of chowhound before.

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My favorite restaurant in Ithaca is Moosewood (215 North Cayuga inside the Dewitt building). But your boyfriend might not like it as it’s vegetarian (although it does serve fish).

One other recommendation is he should stop at the Purity ice cream stand (its address is 700 Cascadilla Street but it’s actually on North Meadow). It’s a local brand and it’s excellent. Tell him to try the Chocolate Bittersweet.

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There are a ton of fantastic restaurants in Ithaca. Unfortunately, they’re almost all on or around the Commons, which is not particularly close to the airport. The Heights is probably the closest quality restaurant (it’s about five minutes from the airport, on side streets).

If he wants to venture down to the Commons (the easiest way is to take 13 all the way downtown, and then come up 79), then these are good places:

Lost Dog Cafe
Taste of Thai

The Commons is where most of the good restaurants are. Madeleine’s and Blue Stone are both very good.

If he wants a good burger and a beer, I recommend the Ithaca Ale House.

New place near the mall, one exit south on 13, called Ciao. Wood fired pizzas, good pastas.

Coming in late to the party here, but our two favorite restaraunts in Ithaca are The Boatyard Grill down on the inlet, and The Antlers in Varna.

The Antlers will appeal to your boyfriend’s meat-and-potatoes urges. The London Broil is fantastic.