Foods and/or resturants you didn't realize weren't universal

There’s a bar here that sells the frozen WC sliders as something to get since NY has a no drinks without food rule. They do heat them up for you.

I believe anecdotally that fish sticks used to be a more popular dinner in America a few decades ago when fish was cheaper. Although it could just be me because now that I make my own dinners I just never choose to partake in them, while we’d have them once every couple months growing up in the early 80s, and they were popular enough back then to have ads for them and I can’t remember the last time I saw them advertised.

I think that was true too, I don’t see parents getting them as a routine thing for kids any more. Then again, the cheap ones were some kind of heavily processed stuff that probably included rays as ‘fish’, the fish sticks that I see in a grocery store today seem to be a lot higher quality.

We used to eat fish fingers - a dubious food. Fish cakes, a cheap mixture of fish and potato, were a little better.

Fish in itself has gone up up lot in price in the UK too - fish and chips is not a cheap takeaway these days. And often the cod you buy there isn’t really cod, but nobody cares.

I’m not sure how companies like Birds Eye manage to still sell fishfingers made from 100% cod fillets. It’s not so much the “cod” part that surprises me, because if chip shops can get away with it then there must be a way of using the word “cod” that is more widely applicable than you’d expect, it’s the fillet part. And they’re still very cheap, and actually quite good to eat.

I suspect they’ve been largely supplanted by chicken nuggets. I don’t remember chicken nuggets being a thing when I was growing up in the 70s.

Fish sticks are widely available in pretty much every grocery store in Texas and Arkansas. I still purchase them on occasion.

You can certainly get them in the Greater Toronto Area, along with different types of frozen breaded fish filets and fish cakes. I buy them 3–4 times a year.

Bill Engvall on white trash Barbie (starts at 4:10):

Ken: (Belch) What’s for dinner?
Barbie: Fish sticks.
Ken: Fish sticks? Is it our anniversary again?

Fish sticks are available and palatable only if enough spice and “seafood sauce” is added. Fish cakes are now more upscale (and way better) than the old High Liner variety. Higher quality filets and frozen fish is much healthier and often surprisingly cheap. Of course, I’ve talked elsewhere about the (shocking, to me) cost of canned salmon.