foot and mouth disease/ airport disinfection

I heard on the news that airline passengers arriving from the UK (to Canada anyway) at the moment are required to walk over a disinfection mat of some kind to prevent the possible spread of FMD from Britain. Does anyone know what’s on those mats ie: what chemical or whether they’re wet or dry?

My guess is it is one like the one below available from this supply company.

“Disinfectant Mat
Holds five quarts of sanitizing solution to clean shoes at entrance to laboratories or cleanrooms; rubber fingers scrub shoe soles while disinfectant sanitizes. Solid rubber formed reservoir will not let solution run out. Can be easily emptied, rinsed, and refilled.
Model 430-2005 24” x 32" - 10 lbs. $69. "

Quite a lot of British farms are just spreading straw across their access roads, soaked in a solution of ordinary household disinfectant. Since the virus can be wind-borne, I’m not sure how effective it is simply to disinfect peoples’ shoes.

Fliers coming in from Europe at our local airport have to step with both shoes on a small patch of carpet soaked in vinegar diluted with water. Yes, that’s good old plain vinegar. The Canada Customs form filled out on the plane before arrival has always asked if the passenger has visited a foreign farm in the last ten days or so. Apparently customs officers open a lot more baggage now and disinfect some of the footware packed in the luggage.