Footage of men on moon

I would like to know in total how many hours there are of recorded footage of astronauts on the moon. Not from just any one mission, but in total.

Not sure even NASA knows the answer to that.

Have to get someone at NASA to go through it all and add it up.

Good luck with that.

According to this table, your upper bound is 299 hours and 28 minutes, or just about twelve and a half days.

ETA: That’s if you accept men in a capsule on the moon being filmed. Dudes in suits on moon dirt, the max is 80 hours, 28 minutes.

That’s assuming that only one film camera was being used at once, right?

Well, since we never went to the moon, and just faked hundreds of hours of footage, I’d say we have zero hours of actual footage.

Uh, yeah, good one. :rolleyes:

Seriously, though, I doubt if you could get an actual figure of the hours of film showing astronauts, unless you sat through the whole lot with a stopwatch. You might be able to get a figure for the total footage shot on the surface, but a lot of it will presumably show landscape, etc, rather than dudes in spacesuits.

Shig, your best bet is to look at the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, where there are vast amounts of lunar photos, films, audio recordings and other goodies.

Click on"Video libs" in the left frame, and you’ll find tons of clips, which illustrate the problem with the question as posted. Does a one-frame-per-second series of pictures count as “film footage”? There’s a 1hr 10min .mov clip of the EVA from Apollo 11 on there, for example.