Football field length, July 26 Spruce Goose

In the recent column about the Spruce Goose, it was stated the Spruce Goose was 320 feet, 20 feet longer than a football field. A football field is 360 feet, there are two 30 feet end zones that are part of the field.

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How come Howard Hughes’s “Spruce Goose” flew only once? (26-Jul-2002)

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So it depends on whether you wanna count the end zones as part of the “field”. Some people don’t, some people do. Cecil doesn’t, you do. The Columbia Encyclopedia doesn’t, the Sports Rules encyclopedia does.


Um, of course the end zones are part of the field, DDG. If not, the ball would be out of play in them.

More importantly, most “football” fields run about 120 yards long in the real football. :wink: