Football - Is This The Miss Of The Century?

Rocky Baptiste for Harrow Borough against Waltham Abbey (Link - Video 50 sec).

If it isn’t, what is?

I thought the miss of the century involved the Bills’ Scott Norwood, in Super Bowl 25-the winner of the championship hinged on said kick.

Edit: Oh, that was last century. Sorry.

It would be hard to top that.

He made up for it with that later effort though.

Still, pretty amazing miss.

Chris Iwelumo for Scotland against Norway. The live commentary on this clip is worth a listen.

the first one is much worse, if much less important. In the Scots one he’s running at pace and lots of people could screw that up somehow. My mother could make the shot in the first clip (not that she’d ever get that wide open at her age).

The one in the OP is simply incomprehensible. You can hear the astounded voice of the person taping the game. With at least 90 degrees of shot angle available, he still misses (though I believe he does hit the far post).

Might be a reason he’s still only semi-pro. <lol>