Football penalty question

Can a football team be assessed a penalty for something a player does to another player of his own team?

Off the top of my head: Helping a player into the end zone, using a player as a launching pad to jump higher to block a kick and the QB throwing it to a ineligible receiver. I’m sure there are more

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How about this:

After breaking a series of tackle attempts the ball carrier unknowingly runs the wrong way down the field. The only way to avoid disaster is for his own teammates to tackle him. During the tackle one of his own team mates pulls his face mask.

Would the face-mask penalty be called?

I imagine if you got into a fight with your teammate, they could call unsportsmanlike conduct.

Yeah, absolutely. Throw a punch at one of your own guys, here come the flags and ejections.

I am not a referee, but I’m 99.9%* sure penalties like the holding, clipping, and grabbing the facemask cannot be assessed on teammates.

  • I have never seen it, but I have also never read the rule book.

I haven’t read it either, but the rules for a penalty like holding or clipping probably say something to the effect of holding or clipping an “opposing player.”

However, what about penalties that protect the “ball carrier” (e.g., facemask, horsecollar tackle)?

Don’t know about penalties but I am pretty sure you will be fined by the head Coach if you punch a teammate (or even worse, injure them intentionally).

And suppose it were called. Which direction do you step it off – against the tackler or for the tacklee?

How about an excessive celebration penalty wherein you score a touchdown but dipshit teammate goes bonkers doing that stupid kowtow thing, whooping it up, jumping around…you know, celebrating excessively. I could see an official ringing him up.

Well it sort of ties in with the OP.

Penalties in football are assessed against the team.
But the question remains: would it be a penalty in the first place? Can you facemask your own teammate in football?

Not according to the letter of the law.[highlighted]

However, it might be a foul for assisting a teammate.

Stopping a teammate from running the wrong way by using your body or hands is assisting that player.

What if a teammate just layed down in front of the ball carrier, causing him to trip?