Football Pros Live - New Website

Cris Collinsworth was on the BS Report this weekend talking about a new website that he’s involved in starting called Football Pros Live. At this point it’s little more than a glorified NFL message board and that makes it kind of refreshing. I signed up today and am enjoying it quite a bit (I’m going by Bacchus1976 there if you’re looking) and I thought some of the football junkies around here might like it too. We’ll see if it is able to avoid devolving into what most NFL fan boards or major sports websites comments sections turn into, but at this fresh state it’s fairly SDMBesque.

Long story short, if you don’t get enough NFL talk here on the Dope it might be worth a look.

Ah, I meant to reply to this thread. I am pretty active on that site. I’m WashProWilly!

Nice find, Omni.