football(soccer)/logic question???

Just had this emailed to me and it driving me mad!!

Any ideas?

In London, Spurs and Arsenal could do it, as could Chelsea and West Ham.
Both Manchester City and Manchester United could also do it.
Everton and Rangers could do it, but not Liverpool or Celtic.
The only British clubs that could do it this season are Man United (who
would probably prefer not to) and Arsenal (who have gone closest so far
and are desperate to do it).
It would take Everton and City the longest to do it.
There is only one other British club that could do it. Who are they and
what is it?

Im sure someone know what the answer is(?)

I think it relates to winning all three European trophies.

The reason the list is limited is because the Cup Winner’s Cup is now defunct, so only those who have already won it count.

The reason Man Utd don’t want to do it this year is that they only need the UEFA cup… and winning that would mean they were dumped out of the Champion’s League at the group stages.

The other British club is Aberdeen.

Of course!!

Makes sense now


No worries… though I do mildly hate you for making me trawl the scummy arsenal website to confirm they’ve won the UEFA cup. :wink: Apparently, they did it back when it was the Fairs Cup.