football uniform colors

I don
t even know how many fottball teams there are, professionally, but I was wondering about uniform colors.
Team colors.
What is the most common combo?
The least?

I dunno. I think technically white is the most popular color since every team has a white jersey color. More specifically (and I’m doing this from memory so I’m not guaranteeing 100% accuracy),

AFC North
Pittsburgh - black & yellow
Cleveland- brown & orange (It’s Halloween!!)
Cincinnati - black & orange
Baltimore - black & purple

AFC North
NY Jets - Green
Buffalo - Blue & red
New England - Navy blue, silver, red
Indianapolis - blue

AFC South
Jacksonville - Turquoise, black, gold
Tennessee - Navy blue, Columbia blue, red
Miami - Turquoise, orange
Houston - black & red

AFC West
Oakland - silver & black
Kansas City - Red & yellow
San Diego - Blue & yellow
Denver - Blue & orange

NFC Central
Chicago - navy blue (almost black) & orange
Minnesota - purple & yellow
Green Bay - Green & yellow
Detroit - “Honolulu” Blue & silver

NFC East
Philadelphia - green & silver
NY Giants - red & blue
Dallas - navy blue & silver
Washington - maroon & yellow

NFC South
Tampa Bay - dark orange & pewter
New Orleans - black & gold
Atlanta - red & black
Carolina - Columbia blue, silver & black

NFC West
San Francisco - red & gold
St. Louis - blue & gold
Phoenix - red
Seattle - Blue, green & silver

That’s the data, I think. You do the math as to which combinations are most popular.

I read somewhere that according to the the makers of letter jackets, blue and gold is the most popular high school color combination. Unfortunately, I cannot cite that.

But without any question, the best team colors are maroon and orange.

Try this link for ESPN’s best uniform battle.

and I think boo would be the appropriate response in both cases.


Very minor nitpick: Houston is dark blue, red and white (patterned after the Texas state flag.

However, until very recently I thought that Chicago was black and orange, so what do I know.

In a intro psych course that I took, I read in the textbook that during a study they found that more aggressive people often chose darker colors. They also found that teams wearing darker colors were often penalized more. They didn’t make conclusions as to whether the referrees see the darker team as the bad guys or where it was because the aggressive people took darker colors. Exploring Psychology, Meyers 4th edition

Just thought that was interesting. I’m suprised teams don’t pick lighter colors because of that little fact.

I could see this stat being skewed by just two teams in the NFL. The Raiders (Silver and Black) are typically the most penalized team but this is almost a matter of team pride. The Dolphins (Aqua and Orange) under Shula were usually one of the least penalized teams. Again this was something the team (especially the coach) placed an emphasis on.

I have heard (FWIW) that color selection is trending toward darker colors due to the fact that apparel and paraphernalia sales are higher. The “third jersey” that NBA teams are now coming out with is often black or at least predominately darker than the other jerseys.

Don’t have a cite, but have heard that most of their penalities were of the non-agressive nature - e.g., offsides as opposed to unspostmanlike conduct. Just sloppy play.

Nitpick #2-

The Buccaneer’s colors are red and pewter. Orange has been abandoned completely.

Oh, and the NFC Central no longer exists- which you noted for the AFC, oddly enough :wink: