now then , why do americans call football “soccer” , when it is played with the feet , therefore football is the senseble name for it . The rest of the world calls it fottball , why do amricans have to be different . Why call gridiron football??? call it sumin else !!!

We call it football because kickrunpasshandoffpuntball sounded too Dutch.

Oh yeah, and because “Parcheesi” was already taken. :slight_smile:

According to this site it’s the fault of the English

Why the word “soccer”? We have to thank the students of the 1880s for the word “soccer”. It seems it was the practice amongst the well bred students of Oxford to abbreviate words whilst adding “er” to the end; “brekkers” for breakfast for example.

On asked if he wanted to play “rugger” (i.e. the “rugby rules”) a student replied “no, soccer”, an abbreviation of “association”, or the “association rules”, i.e. the rules of the Football Association in London.

The word “Footer” was also used, but could have referred to either code.

David Pickering’s “Soccer Companion” (Cassell, 1994) names the student as Charles Wreford Brown, later an England internationaland F.A. vice-president.

Whether to call it “soccer” or “football” (like the rest of the world) is irrelevent to most Americans, since most Americans don’t like it anyway. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, this question is the exact one that I’ve been asked by every single non-American I’ve ever known. And each one asks it as if he’s the first to ever see the oddity in it. And none of them can fathom the fact that Americans (as a whole) aren’t very interested in any of it.

The United States is not the only country where they call the game soccer, and even in the others it isn’t always called “football.” In Italy, for instance, they call it calcio, “the kick.”
The Canadians and the Australians, to name two, also call it soccer. And in fact, even the English sometimes refer to it as soccer, probably the same way some people here sometimes say “roundball” when they mean basketball, even though the balls for most sports are round.

The reason soccer/football/calcio is called “football” in many places is not because it is played with the feet. It’s because it’s a game played on foot, as opposed to earlier games that were played on horseback. American football, Australian rules football, rugby, soccer, and Gaelic football are all “football”–they’re the versions that just happened to catch on in certain places. Usually the dominant game in a particular country retains the name “football” while the others get stuck with something else. That’s why we call it soccer in the United States, while the English, who invented the word, no longer use it for the most part.

And in Ireland it is often called “soccer” in order to distinguish it from Gaelic football.