For admirers of Ben Franklin....

… (and I count myself among them), the U.S. Treasury has two new commemorative coins:

An amazing man: diplomat, civic leader, inventor, publisher, scientist, bon vivant, propagandist, etc. etc. etc.

I think it is an indication of the type of threads I’ve been reading recently that, as soon as I saw your title, I thought to myself “For crying out loud, what did Ben do to deserve this? Someone else bashing a founding father… Who’s next?”

I was pleasantly surprised at what I found, and I thank you for posting it! Ben is my oldest sons (10) hero.

Ben’s on stamps, too.

He wrote about farts.

What’s not to like?

The infant Nation’s first International Star.

I am not a coin collector, but this is a nice tribute t a great man.
He has always been one of Heroes and I believe in many ways the architect of our Nation.


All the above, and you just KNOW he was up to his ears in… admirers… all those years in England and France. Papa de sucre extraordinaire.

He definitely dunked his quill in all the “inkwells” in Paris.

Not only that, he invented an oven, created the first streetlights in Philly, did something with a key and lightning (supposedly), in addition to many many other things. A true renaissance man in the classical sense. I wonder where these people are now? Do they still even exist?

Where are our great thinkers? Crap, this should be another thread.

The US Mint is doing this? Why not the Franklin Mint? :wink:

Cool. We named our younger son after him. He (Ben Franklin, not my Ben) also has his own action figure, which I learned about here, of course. Where else could you find people who know about Founding Father action figures?