For all who asked: Puppy pictures!

Here she is!



AHHHH!!! That is too cute!

I love puppies.

What a fuzzy little goofball!

Great pics, and an appropriate name for the Static Cling Pup.


What a doll!

What’s the little bitches’ “doggy” name? :slight_smile:

Do you have dam and sire information?

OK, that’s officially the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

And my next-door neighbors have a two-month-old Border Collie puppy.

God, I love merle Aussies. Especially red merle (ssh! Don’t tell my blue merle Aussie/Border/Heeler cross!).

Very cute puppy, congratulations Elenfair! :slight_smile:

ZAP! Reminds me of the old Batman episodes, where they’d put up BAM! BIFF! KERPLOW! on the screen during fights. :slight_smile: I think I’ll name my next pet KERPLOW!

Aw thanks guys!

Lisa Ann: In answer to your question, dam is Defiance Rumor Has It, sire is Keepsake Rollin’ Rock. Her registered name is Defiance Static Shock, call name “Zap”


She is fuzzy, but also very bright. Loves to play, loves to be an absolute terror, hence the demon puppy designation.


Elly, ec"static", with an older dog who needs her attention, too!

The fuzzy little Zapper is now residing on my desktop wallpaper. My own li’l wiggle-butt would love her bunches. They’d play all day, and get real dirty and shake all over my carpet. Good dogs are like that, see.

I hope Valen gets on well with this one. It’s likely, right?

Good luck with this one, Elly!