For all you underwater hockey fans...

I knew you’d want a link to watch the world competition from Columbia.

My niece is a longtime member of the US women’s national team, and apparently their first game will be televised on Columbian national TV at 10 a.m. eastern today.

Figured you Cubs fans could use something to get over your post-World Series hangover. :smiley:

(Don’t worry about insulting me by observing what a ridiculous activity this is - I and my extended family have already made all of the possible jokes many times over!)

Which one is she?

Her name is Kim Skukas. Not sure how identifiable they will be on the vid. Not the best spectator sport in the world!

Maybe we could have a live viewing thread to rival the ones for the elections/Academy Awards/Superbowl…

Is there fighting?

Dropping the gloves isn’t going to have the same impact. Looks very cool…and exhausting.

Just because my wife is from Medellin…it’s Colombia. With 2 o’s and no u’s.

Sorry for the misspelling.

Not able to see it at that link - just highlights of water polo and underwater hockey/rugby tutorials. Will let you know if I find it.

Supposedly running late due to techincal difficulties. I’m sure thousands are eagerly awaiting this! :cool:

Youtube seem to be showing the men live now. They were supposed to follow the women. Don’t know if they were skipped.

Guess I’ll have to catch the highlights on ESPN! :smiley:

Since I’ve posted this far, figured I should tell you that the Maidens of Mayhem won their first game. And who said America didn’t have anything to cheer about? Woohoo!

That totally fucking rocks!

Congrats. Would love to see vid link to highlights if such ever shows up.

This was just sent to me as the correct link. Women are supposed to play, in black, at 5 pm Eastern. Hope anyone interested is able to catch it.

BTW - women won 5-1, men won 5-4.

On a roll - 4 for 4!

Just got this message:

Playoffs started this morning, and we secured wins #7 and #8 to earn a spot in the final! Our semifinal was particularly exciting, since it was against the team who rolled us hard last night. Watch us live on Colombian TV at 3pm EST, either here: or here

Who says America has nothing to be proud about?!

Watched a game yesterday - US was down 4-3 with < 10 min to go, and my niece scored 4 straight goals. An incredibly ridiculous activity, but it is pretty impressive how good she is at it. If you watch, she has the white squiggles on her fins.

US scores first - 1-0!

2-0: dayum! Shit, now 2-1. Their scoring faster than posting is allowed!

Down 4-3, now up 5-4.

US wins! I expect a white house invite shortly!

In the spirit of accuracy (because I KNOW how many of you are interested!) according to my niece:

“World Champion” isn’t exactly correct… but we definitely won the Colombian 3x3 Cup!