For any fans of the NES/SNES Zelda Games..

Pardon the advertisement, but I thought I’d post a link here to the forums I usually frequent. The Armageddon Games network is an amateur (embarassingly so at times) game design group. Their real claim to fame is a program called “Zelda Classic”. This is basically a PC-version of the original NES “The Legend of Zelda”. But there’s more! It also allows you to build your own Zelda-style games, with added features that allow you to include improved graphics, new enemies and items, new effects, etc. It’s really damn easy to use, and there’s a huge support community out there for it.

But it can always stand to be larger, and it can really use some older members! So go check it out. These are the main sites involved: ← The officail site for the program. Sporatically updated at best. ← The AGN forums. Best place to find info on ongoing projects and new versions of ZeldaClassic. and ← Very high-quality third-party sites dedicated to storing resources and completed custom games for download.

I urge anyone who has ever wanted to make their own Zelda game or just play a new game in that style to check these out. :wink: